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Combined Forces Living History Group

Ryan, one of our group, depicting a member of the elite

Commando's of WW2

The Combined Forces Living History Group (or CF LHG for short) was formed in 2006 when two other groups shut down and amalgamated into what we have today.

We do not set out to represent one particular Corps or Regiment, but instead we try to show a variety of units from all of three services (Army, Navy and Airforce), although usually not all at the same time!

Our equipment is all original, as are our uniforms, and each member of the group tries to demonstrate to the public, just how various pieces of equipment might have been used by the military during the period 1939 to 1945.

We may in the future, broaden our time period to include the Post War period, right up to the present day, if we can muster up the manpower and equipment to do so, but right now, our current period is WW2.


We are always looking for new members to join our group, male or female, it does not matter, and, we may even be able to assist new members with uniforms and equipment should that become a need.


We are also available for film and television work, either in an acting capacity or as technical support, having already worked on "Grandpa's Great Escape" and "Love Conquers All"

Meet the team (WIP)...

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